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Thread: considering a 1995 540i

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    I think 11K is very steep! I paid about 8K w/ 106K on the clock for my 94 540iA (Alusil) about 3 yrs ago... You can call BMWNA to find out where it's been serviced - call that dealer and request all of the service records. That's what I did - I have all the service records since my car's birth!

    Since then, I've replaced all the suspension components (upper/lower control arms, tie rods, shocks), brakes (rotors & pads), rear window regulators, seat twist fix, intake manifold gaskets, throttle body gasket, and PCV plate, etc... I'm sure I'm forgetting some things!!

    Basically, don't expect to buy a BMW w/ 100K on the clock and not have to do some maintenance! Like the old saying - Buy a BMW w/ either 50K or 150K miles!!

    If you decide to buy one, you'll have a love/hate relationship! Hopefully enjoying every minute - like me!!!

    94 540iA w/ EAT
    97 740iL (SOLD!)
    99 Discovery II

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    I paid 12K for brand new Alusil swap and 80K on the body. However, in 1.5 yrs I have rebuilt tranny (failed while cruising--very weird), the entire front suspension (about 80-100K is mechanical life), all fluids and several other wear items that easily crawl North of $1500. So just be ready to start replacing things--it's 10 model years old...

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