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Thread: US spec vs. Euro spec cat converter

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    Default US spec vs. Euro spec cat converter

    Does anybody know if a US spec catalytic converter will fit a Euro spec 1992 525i touring?

    I'm about to replace mine and i can get a great deal from a US dealer that i found. The price for one here in Germany (on top of the exchange rate since i get paid in dollars) is outrageous.

    Hope you guys can help me out, and pretty quickly too.


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    Default do not buy a new cat

    I have recommended that already to many in Germany and they are satisfied and one cat costs about 300 EURO. The magic word is cat recycling by unit-kat. You have to send the cat to them and within 24 hours you will have it back. They cut of the cat at the end, remove the old cat, insert a new metal cat and reweld it again, The welded seams are coated with tin.
    Or new ones unifit

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