i bought the above model - 97k miles - last week, gave it a very good drive, oil (+filter) and brake fluid change, valet / clean over the weekend and have the following observations that I would greatly appreciate your feedback on:

1. slightly irregular feel when engine is idling - suggestions
2. noise when full steering lock in tight (and v. steep) lane - just noticed this am - no sound when full lock for 180 degree turn
3. very slight front end vibration when easing off accelerator on motorway (going from 110 mph - smooth - to 80/5 mph) - tracking? is this an issue or am i just driving too fast?
4. require new motor for rear wipe - difficult to fit? expensive? where to source? also may need to replace hydraulics on tailgate

other than that i love it and can see many happy miles

your feedback is much appreciated

n16 (london)