i put up a thread for anyone knowledgable about vom's. long story short, vom is measuring .4 ohms for closed continuity when touching probes together. i did the closed position test, non-moving test for the TPS, it reads 3780 ohms on a 20k ohm scale....the book says the value is 4k ohms APPROXIMATE. i guess i was hoping somebody could clarify the approximate part...is it like +/- 10 ohms, 100 ohms (&c. &c). i did the variable test for closed to open test, the closed reads 1325 ohms on 2k ohms, if i multiply out .4 ohms times 1000 it would be like 1400 ohms but i have a hard time believing that the meter would pick up that error on that large of a measurement. the wide open test however makes no sense. book says 4k ohms wide open, meter is bringing back 3.785k ohms on a 20k ohm scale. i guess this might mean its kaput, but i would really like some confirmation help, please.