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Thread: Final Drive Fluid for 94 530i

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    Default Final Drive Fluid for 94 530i

    I tried to buy it at the dealer but they only have it in those big drums. Not for sale. They told me it's Castrol SAF-XJ. pepboys and Strauss auto dont have it. anyone know where to get it? I live in North NJ. thanks.

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    75w 90 synthetic, muct have GL5 rating. Redline makes it and I also think Mobil does too.
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    Default Been running Mobil1 75w90 in mine for years....

    No probs!!!
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    ill post this to end any potential arguments

    this is's technical sheet service entry for saf-xj. saf is a castrol designation. castrol is the only one that made bmw's rear end oil. xj is 75w140. you can put in 75w90 if you like. but this is straight from the horse's mouth.

    if you said you "need" the xj, i take it you've already figured out whether or not you have a limited slip rear end?

    here's the castrol entry for saf-xo, which is the non lsd oil. it says specifically in the sheet, for conventional bmw non lsd ends.

    long story short, xj and xo were proprietary products made almost exclusively for bmw. nobody else was given permission to make them. if you can't get it from bmw, you can't get the specific stuff anywhere. as a result, you have to pick out another synthetic dependent upon the grade of oil your rear end needs.
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