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Thread: Transmission and final drive fluids

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    Default Transmission and final drive fluids

    does any one reccomend auto transmission and final drive fluids suitable for the m30 engine without going to the main dealer

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    Welcome Ian.

    Red line.

    Do a search We talk about it all the time.

    best, whit

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    Default Redline.....OR

    any synthetic .
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    Any good quality Dexron III auto tranny fluid will work. You'll likely need about 3 quarts or so when you drain it. If you wait and wait it will continue to drain, slowly. Just do the 3 quarts or think about actually changing the filter as well. You'd have to remove the auto tranny pan to get at it. Many of us are actually draining and filling the auto tranny along with an engine oil change or every other oil change.
    Differential fluid will depend on whether you have a limited slip or "open" differential. Be sure to get the right stuff for that. Also, a tip, remember to remove the "fill" plug on the diff. before the drain plug. If that fill plug doesn't come out easily, then you'll have fun filling the diff again!
    Good luck.

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