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Thread: Dead battery symptoms?

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    Default Dead battery symptoms?

    Hey guys,

    My car has been sitting for a week now, not moved, touched, anything. I tried to start her up today and before I did, I turned her to position 2, listened to some music (low volume) rolled down the windows, cleaned up some mess...

    I took the key back out to do something else - When I came back, I turned the key to position 1, fastened the seatbelt like it says to and tried to start it. Nothing. not a click. No electronics whatsoever were working with the exception of the instrument cluster read out saying "Fasten Belts" and the "Brake" light, etc.

    Now I figured in some STRANGE way, the battery Instantly died... but heres the part that throws me for a loop. When I pulled the key out... The odometer, "Fasten Belts" and other instrument cluster lights continued to stay on. when the key was OUT completely! It didn't shut off at all until i tried the on - off, on - off with the key a zillion times.

    What in the WORLD could something like this be? Dead battery? I would assume dead battery, but the electronics staying on throws me around a bit.

    Two hours later: I can't get a click, instrument cluster lights, interior lights. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING... as if there were no battery at all...

    Any ideas?


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    If the battery is not yet to old, give it a full reloading.
    Remove the battery when loading = that is at the same time a reset of the electric system, then insert battery and try again.
    Quite often the electrics play when the battery is at the end.

    There are capacitors inside the dashboard which might still have had a bit of power inside.
    This said in the words of a non electronic expert. Maybe other better in the know can comment.

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