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Thread: Maximum Offset? 90 535i? ET30 okay? or No?

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    no.. no... sorry... my wheels have a 15mm offset. Which is 5mm off what the E34 recommends at 20mm. So I was wondering if the 5mm difference is considered drastic. Sorry for the confusion.

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    Default there's no must mount different tires on the e38 16" Style 5 wheel

    Quote Originally Posted by Dash01
    ...So, I'm now debating whether to try other tires on the 16"/23mm offset basketweaves, or sell the set and start with something else.
    ...the e38 Style 5 (Basket Weave) came mounted with 235/60/16 tires. This tire is too wide for your e34 with a 23mm offset 16" wheel. Your e34 came with 15" wheels mounted with 225/60/15 tires. To use the e38 16" wheel you'll need to change the tire to a 225/55/16 or smaller. Any thing bigger will rub.

    I use my e38's old wheels on my e34 Touring and I have 225/55/16 snow tires mounted on them with no problem.
    95 525iT / 97 740iL

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