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Thread: 5hp18 on BMW 530i slips

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    Default 5hp18 on BMW 530i slips

    Hello everybody!
    I have 1994 BMW 530i with 5spd 5hp18 autotranny. It slips in first 1-2 and i believe 3 gears but drives good in 4 and 5. I just drove it for 400 miles on the highway. It slips really bad when takes off. I have to push accelerator really really weak untill i gain 30-40 mph and when higher gear will kick in and its fine. I couln't find any information regarding testing 5hp18. I want to test wiring harness, sensors and solenoids also perform pressure test before ordering rebuilt kit ($546 dollars).
    Where i can find this information? I looked through Mitchell Transmission Service and Repair book. It doesn't say nothing about 5hp18

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    have you changed the fluid and filter? if it was never changed it could be partially clogged and driving it like that will smoke the clutches resulting in either a replacement or complete rebuild.
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    When I bought the car the owner told me car has tranny problem. He changed filter and fluid. I looked at clutch and band application chart it seems more like electrical problem.

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