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Thread: reattach inside rear view mirror

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    Default reattach inside rear view mirror

    While cleaning the inside of the windshield, I accidently knocked the rear view mirror off its' peg. How does one get it back on? There is a five sided peg glued to the windshield. On the arm there are three very stout springs. It has defied all attempts to pop it back on. Is there a trick this? Car is a 90 525i. Thanks

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    Its been a while, but I seem to recall having to turn the mirror arm relative to the 'peg' and push. Its a bit awkward. I remember scratching my coconut over this one myself.

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    hold the stick verticaly, possitioned on the thing on the windshield (in it's normal position). while holding it pressed turn it a bit to the right untill it feels like it slides into something. then press harder and turn to it's normal vertical possition. it just pops in.

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