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Thread: Code stomp test?

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    Default Code stomp test?

    My '90 535i doesn't respond to the 'stomp test'. I believe that some of the earlier 535's were not fitted with an engine check bulb as they remained on constantly due to the DME version? I not sure if mine is missing the engine check bulb or not, but as I now have an EAT chip should the 'stomp test' work if a missing engine check bulb was fitted? - TIA
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    Yes it should. My car is Australian delivered 89 535i with EAT chip - their was no bulb in the check light socket. I connected a bulb as per information on and stomp test works fine. I used a spare bulb from another socket on back of instrument panel, might have been rear foglights - just make sure it is the correct wattage.

    bill g

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    If you turn the key to position 2 with the engine off; all the lights in the gauge cluster should light. This is so you can check if a bulb is burned out.

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    Stomp test was only a requirement for US cars and maybe some Canadian are also eqipped with this. Environmental matters related to emission control.
    Do not mix up the indication/warning in the check control with the stomp test.
    Stomp test is completely different.
    No European spec car has it, also not the Japanese specification cars.

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    I tried the test once on a Canadian 91 525im and got no response. I assumed it was because there was nothing to read. I do have a check engine light in working order, but am now curious as to whether I can perform the stomp test. Should I be able to retrieve codes without the check engine light illuminated? If nothing is 'wrong' should I still get codes?


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    you still should get the good to go code.
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