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Thread: 94 540 No Reverse!

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    Default 94 540 No Reverse!

    who can provide some help I'm getting tired of driving around the parking lots looking for a clear spot to pull out of, is this a common problem for the E34 automatics ?

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    Default Not to worry, there is a relatively simple fix . . .

    It is a common problem with a check valve ball in the valve body that wears. More info here: scroll down toward the bottom of the page to "5hp30 Problem Areas"

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    Sounds like a valve body to me. Call Kirt Koeller at
    Autosports Unlimited
    : Ask for Kirt Koeller
    : (800)624-3876 ext 5735 or direct at
    : (616)748-5735

    He can send you a valve body upgrade kit, gasket and filter, you can do the repair yourself, have a decent tranny shop or find a good indy to do the work. First step is to call Kirt. And I would not be driving it much, you might make things worse.

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