View Full Version : Help with window/emergency blinkers switches

12-21-2004, 04:55 PM
Well, it was bound to happen. A combination of slacking on ordering the cup holders and a top-heavy, large pepsi cup from subway has gotten pop down the window and emergency blinker switches. Of course the emergency blinkers were on all the way home so i removed the fuse for that - also removing my turn signals. Now that its been a couple days the pepsi has dried and things are getting very sticky. Can anyone point me to a diagram of how to take these switches out to clean them? Pulling didnt seem to be the answer...


12-21-2004, 08:57 PM
by using a screw driver at the bottom (it is fixed on top) then remove the 2 screws there, and the other things as shown on Johans page, then you can push them out from the bottom of the console.

But you can also pull them from the top. Bit more difficult, but it works. Be careful with the connectors underneath, they are quite brittle at that age and break easy.


click for more info and pics (http://shrubbery.student.utwente.nl/johan/dashboard_removal/dashboard_removal_v1.1-2.html)