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11-02-2015, 07:35 PM
Special thanks to E32Fan, it is now on my website, see Photos and locations of E32 fusible links under
Reference data>>> Data - Electrical

X6400 is the power post inside the E box. It feeds only DME loads.
Page 1361-01 for M30 and 1367-00 for M70. Fusible Link A is 50 Amps.
Page 0670-10 rear power distribution box Fusible B is 80 Amps. It feeds all the Rear Power Box loads
pic of Fusible Link A
pic: Fusible Link A is under the heatshrink
pic Fusible Link B with cover closed. Just squeeze the cover to open.
pic Fusible Link B with cover open.
pic Fusible Link B Fusible Link A


05-06-2017, 06:27 PM
And another no start problem solved with no start due to the fusible links, he also found first only one on his E31, https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2343662-Bmw-e31-m70-engine-doesn-t-start-help-and-advice-SOLVED-fusible-links

more pics

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E32 http://www.bimmerboard.com/forums/posts/377728/
And here fusible links from a 11/93 E32 750iL, the one in shrink plastic, then there is another 80A one in a plastic box behind the battery, can also be seen, just removed that from a crashed parts E32 750iL we disassembled.

10-12-2017, 09:36 PM
and the next story:
Subject: car often will not unlock - like NOTHING when key is turned -solved

E32 730i M30, located in Thailand, copied:Tom: HI guys, have been having an issue in the colder weather ( read less than 25C for us - yes seriously ) .. car often will not unlock - like NOTHING when key is turned. Had some big other issues last week .. anyway ... ended up changing the crash sensor relay .. and GM. Recent issues - central locking often hasn't worked when cold outside . last night a NO GO . Also no interior lights . car started first turn when i got it opened though ( emergency procedure).
My thinking was ( as I have already changed the GM ) that maybe its the RM ? Think the central locking and interior lights go thru both?Any comments welcome .. by the way .. this morning after it had warmed up a little ( 28C and sun) -- and no issues at all .. like nothing had ever happened .I changed out the RM anyway to see if it stops the issue .. but I really need someone who understands the wiring diagrams and E32 a bit.Thanks in advance ...
Tim: Do you have a remote unlocking key? Does the passenger side door have a key hole? Have you tried the key in the boot lock?
Tom:.. no remote ... pass lock will also not open the car when this happens , Nor will the boot ... only way to get into the car is to wait until its warmer or use the "emergency unlock" procedure -- which I do .I just feel it must be related to an electrical issue ... in something that interacts with the central locking and also the interior lights .. couldn't see much in the wiring diagrams that was except either RM or GM ? But very open to ideas ... After not working when its cool , it will miraculously start when it warms up ... and that seems to be the common factor ... but maybe i am missing something ?
shogun: When it does not unlock and you use emergency unlock, does the engine start then? There are 2 fusible links in the car under the rear seat on right side where the battery is.One goes to the e-box directly and powers the Motronic etc, and then other one goes to the left side under the rear seats and powers all the modules and relays there.Go to my website .http://twrite.org/shogunnew/topmenu.html click in the index on left , then reference data>>>under electrical there is E32 fusible links. That is a pdf file, open that and that explains you and shows where fusible link A and B are located. Fusible B is 80 Amps. It feeds all the Rear Power Box loads. Remove that, maybe it has a haircrack and when temperature goes up, the fuse still works.
In case you do not have a fusible link as spare, use a jumper cable for a test and by-pass the fuse. http://www.bimmerboard.com/members/shogun/original/fusible_E32_1.jpg
often the cracks are under the rivets and can hardly be seen, so make in any case a test with a jumper cable to by-pass the fusible link. Fusible link B powers the RM, GM, all the relays there under rear seat.
Tom: Hi Guys .. issue gets even MORE curious .. Firstly Erich -- yes cars starts first time after i open it .. just central locking and interior lights don't work .Today , was cool ( by Thai stds ) this morning .. car opened and closed no issues .. everything fine .
Use car this PM .. all ok . THEN ( and its hot now ) ... suddenly no locking / no interior lights ... this tends to blow my idea of cold weather out the window .Beginning to think maybe it is something to do with wiring in the door ??? But not sure what could / would do this ??? when i look at the diagrams? Thoughts please .......Ok .. more gremlins tonight ... now no radio ... and no power windows .. so more things to check on wiring diagrams .. will try the rear fusible link - jump test tomorrow Erich .. Cheers
shogun: Check BOTH fusible links.
Thanks ........... EUREKA !!!!!!!!! pulled open the rear fusible link .. and its knackered ... was just touching .. so sometimes working .. sometimes NOT .

10-14-2017, 04:35 AM
1990 BMW 750iL (E32/2) V12-4988cc 5.0L SOHC (M70)
Fuse Locations in Power Distribution Box / Relay Box
Layout Of Rear Power Distribution Box
Auxiliary Relay Box
Fuse Assignments
Vehicle Level >>>Locations>>>> Component Locations>>> Component Index


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This is for the E34, just use the ETM, let's say a 1995 produced from 5/1994 - 12/1995, covering E34 525i, 525it, 530i, 530it, 540i , no need to run thru all the 527 pages, check the index under F, there you see

fusible link F0 ......page 0670.2-00
fusible link F97.....page 0670.2-00

That page comes directly after the fuse chart.
F97 is the inline (riveted on) fuse from the battery to the e-box/front power distribution box, B+ jumpstart junction point
F0 is shown as 80A fusible link, 10RT, between X18068 and X18067, goes to rear power distribution box


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Yes, I copied it from the 7 series register forum in the U.K.