View Full Version : Australian 'backyard BMW specialists'

04-30-2010, 09:28 AM

Matt: 0412 408 603
Fixes all forms of Bimmers, expert in e21, e23, e24, e26 e28, e30, e31, e32, e34, e36, e38, etc.

Experienced in Forced Induction. M-car proficient. Engines re-built and modified.

Pragmatic repairer that does it for the love of it!

If you need a Bimmer fixed in Melbourne, Matt's your man!


Bob fixes all forms of cars, qualified 'Backyard' Engineer (Mech). Specialising in gearboxes, engines, diffs, Forced Induction. Very capable at difficult tasks that take specific experience, great when things like materials, fit and tolerances are vital.

Engines re-built and modified. Highly Proficient at BMWs inc M-cars. Love Alfa Romeos, Performance Japanese. Very capable repairer.

PM me with your needs to recieve contact details.