View Full Version : I need a new Instrument Cluster for my 1997 740i

Bimmer Nut Ed
05-28-2004, 05:37 PM
The darn pixels are trashed and will not display. I sprayed the crap out of them according to the instructions I found at:


but they are worse now than before. And all sorts of plastic started cracking all over the instrument cluster while doing the job. Seems like someone (prolly the dealer) previously sprayed contact cleaner in the instrument cluster and the contact cleaner was not safe for plastic. The plasic especially around the display (pixels area) seems to be just crumbling away. I also cracked the needle off the MPH indicator. Had to silicone it back on and I wonder how long it'll last. So, I want a new cluster, or a newer, used one! Anyone know where to get "cheap"?

Phil M
05-29-2004, 12:18 AM
try ebay - http://search.ebay.com/e38-cluster_W0QQsokeywordredirectZ1QQfromZR8