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01-24-2008, 04:14 PM
I need your help. Inorder to make my 2000 BMW Z3 2.8L roadster VIN # 4USCH3342YLF42374 more visible to other cars I am trying to add Daytime Running Lights to my car.
My first attempt was made by replacing the stock high beam relay part# 65 35 8 370 510 with DRL Module part# 61 35 8 368 039. After I made the swap, the SRS warning light came on when I read the fault codes using a PEAKE R5/SRS Scan Reset Tool, it directed me to table 38, fault codes 16 and 17. Both of these codes indicate an internal failure of the SRS control unit (The BMW fault code listing explains that this warning could be caused by an over/under charge condition for the battery circuit) My guess is that the SRS circuit is not set up for the headlights to be on when the test is run and that this situation causes the SRS control unit test to fail because of this.

Four Day Test Results:
#1 - The fault code #17 never reappeared after the first time that I cleared the fault codes.
#2 - I tried driving the car for each day and each time the SRS test would fail immediately after I started the car OR a few minutes after I started driving, OR it would fail the second time that I started the car, like after a short trip.
#3 – After I removed the DRL Module and replaced the original stock high beam relay, the SRS test never failed again, the light never came on again after two weeks of constant driving.

Obviously, there is some condition that the DRL Module creates that makes the SRS test circuit fail.

My questions are:
Is there a way to make the DRL Module work?
Is there some other way to create DRL’s(other than turning the lights on everytime you drive the car) on my car?


04-22-2008, 08:59 PM
I am having the same problem on two cars but I thought it was a defective relay . Now I question that ?