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05-24-2007, 11:44 PM

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05-26-2007, 09:57 AM
that goes to all BMW CPS right? but does the M70 have 2 CPS?

05-26-2007, 10:25 PM
Yes, the V12 has two, of course, one for right bank, one for left bank.
And the Bentley book is wrong

Trivial errors:

on page 260-11 they are telling about the procedure of replacing the CV joint of the driveshaft. The drawing is actually showing a driveaxle. These axles do have CV joints, but don't requiring taking out the driveshaft.....driveaxles are discussed in another chapter.

M70 engine only: on page 100-9, second picture from above, they are telling that the fuel pump relays are at location B1/B2 and the main relays at A1 and B1(!). This is actually wrong. At location A1/A2 are the fuel pump relays, at B1/B2 the main relays. On page 130-8, the first picture from above, the same mistake is made. This is double checked in the original factory manual.

Most owners of the book don't know this one: the 2 bimmers shown on the cover of the book aren't actually E32 models, but in fact E38 models (later model, different car). I'll bet some guys are start running to their book right now ;-)

M70 engine only: at page 120-10, 2nd picture down, the picture shows the plugs for the crankshaft sensor and cylinder identification sensor (pulse wire). According to Bentley, the 2 top plugs are the crank sensor plugs, and the bottom 2 are the ones that go to the spark plug wires. This is obviously wrong. Looking at the picture, the left top plug is the crank sensor bank 1-6, left bottom plug is the spark plug sensor bank 1-6, right top plug is the spark plug sensor bank 7-12 and finally right bottom plug is the crank sensor bank 7-12. Also this is checked in the factory manual.

M70 engine only: at page 113-26 they say that the tightening torque of the intake manifold to cylinderhead is 22 Nm(17ft-lb). Don't do this! If you tighten those small nuts with that amount of torque, the bolts will break. The proper torque is: 10 Nm(7ft-lb) for the manifold to gasket nuts (M6), and the gasket to cilinderhead nuts (M8) is 24 Nm( about 18ft-lb).

M70 engine only: at page 113-26 they are talking about the intake manifold removal. The fourth line of text from above stated 'remove throttle housings from intake manifold'. That is totally unnecessary when removing the intake manifold. Thats just another gasket to replace, risk of false air etc. You can leave the throttle bodies (DK motors) attached to the manifolds without any problem.

05-26-2007, 10:39 PM
these are not trivial errors, one would spend days trying to fix problems cuz of that manual !! ... it's good that I rely on the board and I don't have the 7 series Bentley manual yet. :P