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05-18-2007, 11:02 PM
Hey Jeff, others...

Got my E31 front brakes today. Gorgeous great things they are. Can't wait to get the rotors either. My only problem is pads... it looks like they are not common to other cars and are rare.

The BMW part number for the pads are 34111160296, but I can't find any equivalents in othher brands... I can get them direct from Bendix but only if I can find their Bendix/PBR part number. Else I have to ship them internationally (costly).

These ones (http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Front-Disc-Brake-Pads-BMW-850-i-ci-csi-E31-90-95-850i_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ33567QQihZ020QQite mZ300112242261QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW#ebayphotohos ting) are on eBay for $10/pair; MKD547 and MKD 548


Does anyone know the Bendix part number for the front pads on an 91-93 840/850i? (single pot ATE calipers)?

Many thanks in advance, Nick

05-18-2007, 11:58 PM
Heh. Found this sweeeet site (http://www.roadhouse.es) with all the cross-refs.

e31 34111160296 BMW
e38/9 34111160712 BMW

I am not sure about them saying that the BMW part 34111160712 is the same though, as the calipers on the models this fits are different (however the rotors are common)

I also found out-

Ceramics are ICD547
Metal pads are MKD547

Cross ref to EBC brand is EDB856


The really nice thing about the 850 front brakes is that the rotors are common to e38, e39 & e32 so are easily available. The pads also :)


Here are the part numbers for the pads, with all the related part numbers / Cross references

Great thanks to BigKriss and Grave77 for their tips on this

850i single pot front pads
Bendix DB1409; 3 types available, inc. ceramic

Mark Range Model Year
BMW (http://www.roadhouse.es/catalogo/catalogo_modelo.php?ref=404) X5 (05/00-) 3.0 d, 3.0i, 4.4i 05/00-12/03
BMW (http://www.roadhouse.es/catalogo/catalogo_modelo.php?ref=405) X5 (05/00-) 3.0 d, 4.4i 12/03-
BMW (http://www.roadhouse.es/catalogo/catalogo_modelo.php?ref=360) 5 Series (E39) (11/95-06/03) 525i, 530 d, 530i, 535i, 540i, M5 09/00-06/03
BMW (http://www.roadhouse.es/catalogo/catalogo_modelo.php?ref=361) 5 Series (E39) (11/95-06/03) 525i, 530 d, 530i, 535i, 540i, M5 09/00-06/03
BMW (http://www.roadhouse.es/catalogo/catalogo_modelo.php?ref=387) 7 Series (E38) (10/94-11/01) 740i/iL 01/96-11/01
Mark Range Model Year
BMW (http://www.roadhouse.es/catalogo/catalogo_modelo.php?ref=362) 5 Series (E39) (11/95-06/03) 540i 10/98-09/00
BMW (http://www.roadhouse.es/catalogo/catalogo_modelo.php?ref=363) 5 Series (E39) (11/95-06/03) 540i 10/98-09/00
BMW (http://www.roadhouse.es/catalogo/catalogo_modelo.php?ref=394) 8 Series (E31) (04/90-12/99) 830 Ci, 840i, 850i 04/90-12/99
BMW (http://www.roadhouse.es/catalogo/catalogo_modelo.php?ref=364) 5 Series (E39) (11/95-06/03) M5 10/98-09/00

571873 BENDIX 0986424584 BOSCH FDB997 FERODO BL1644F6 FTE GDB1261 LUCAS-TRW FD6809A NECTO 2148619305 TEXTAR 598412 VALEO 21486 WVA 21642 WV
Original Part # 34111165227

or alternatively;

Also the following pads are almost identical- 1mm difference somewhere, but Grave77 says they work just fine- and BMW spec them with the same rotors.

LP845 AP LOOKEED 13046070782 ATE - TEVES 571485 BENDIX FDB856 FERODO BL1543F6 FTE GDB1118 LUCAS-TRW FD6671A NECTO 2128419305 TEXTAR 21284 WVA 21285 WVA
Original Part # 34111160296 , also

Also, for those with 540 setups;

540i Front pads
Bendix DB1131; (no Bendix ceramic)
LP602 AP LOOKEED 13046060332 ATE - TEVES 571355 BENDIX 0986490640 BOSCH FDB779 FERODO BL1220F6 FTE 180773 ICER GDB916 LUCAS-TRW FD6472A NECTO 2096820305 TEXTAR 20968 WVA 21212 WVA Original Part # 34111159259, also
34111159279 BMW
34111160450 BMW
34111160459 BMW
34111162535 BMW
34112228248 BMW

540i Rear pads
Bendix DB1132 (no Bendix ceramic)
LP846 AP LOOKEED 13046070792 ATE - TEVES 0986424185 BOSCH FDB857 FERODO BL1281F6 FTE GDB1119 LUCAS-TRW FD6672A NECTO 2128217305 TEXTAR 21282 WVA 21283 WVA
Original Part # 34211160685 , also
34211162865 BMW
34211162866 BMW
34212227325 BMW
34212227326 BMW

05-22-2007, 07:18 AM
they are the same pads of the E38 740i 98 model with big single piston brakes. same pads. I always boguth them for my E34 with single piston E31 brakes.

4 piston brakes are the pain !! very rare and u have to wait for some time.

05-22-2007, 08:55 AM
Martin in Bellevue is running these. He knows what common pad choices are out there.

05-24-2007, 08:24 AM
Martin in Bellevue is running these. He knows what common pad choices are out there. Thanks a heap guys! That's not bad news so that cross-ref must be right. I wish I could get those $10 ones- that's a hot deal. That JT warehouse place won't ship to Australia though, no matter what. :( Nick

632 Regal
05-28-2007, 10:28 PM
nick have them sent to me and Ill mail them off to you the next day or so.