View Full Version : Replacing Cruise Control Cable...

Mike Rogers
03-30-2004, 10:19 PM
I ordered a replacement cruise control cable from BMA for my 1991 BMW 535i due to the other one breaking. It was a really easy fix -- less than a half hour. Here's what I did: ( I'm a mechanical idiot, so this is less than one wrench folks )

1) Took off the 2 nuts that hold the controller onto a bracket that is shared with the power steering reservoir.
2) Unhooked the electrical cable from the controller.
3) Pressed on the tab where the cable enters the box.
4) Took the cable end out of the slot.
5) Took off the tab covering a nut on the throttle body cover.
6) Unscrewed the nut holding the cover on.
7) took the old cable off -- the plastic tab pops out easy
8) Pushed the old grommet off with a screwdriver and removed the rest of the cable.

9) pushed the throttle body end of the cable to expose the end that hooks to the unit. You have to push it a long way to expose it.
10) Hooked the end into the controller spring and snapped the cable plastic piece into the controller.
11) Feed the cable through the hole on the bracket with the plastic tightening screw to adjust tension and then push the new grommet in.
12) Put the end of the cable in the plastic tab and pull the throttle forward and snap it in place.
13) Adjust the tension so there is a equal amount of slack as the throttle cable.
14) Put the throttle body cover back on.

That's it.

I hope this helps someone. I know it's not like a head gasket or anything, but people like me benefit from the easiest procedures. I can't say how much having a board like this makes it a pleasure to own my e34. I'm sure I'd pay 150 bucks to have someone do this and it was a cheap ( $25, I think ) part.