View Full Version : Where to get airplane like trays for the E38 front seats????

Boost Infection
12-22-2005, 06:39 PM
I did a search and I was looking for some pics or an company that makes airplane like rear trays for the front seats for rear passengers.Like the maybach:D

Anyone has any help for me??

Thanks in advance:D

12-22-2005, 08:35 PM
Not available in USA. That is part of the Highline package. I have them in my Highline 750 iL
As there were less than 5.000 Highline built, you can imagine how rare they are.
I have them in both of my Highline and a spare set together with my friend Take
But they need to be refurbished as you can see from these pics
New ONE of them will set you back about 1.200 $

Boost Infection
12-23-2005, 06:14 PM
Thanks alot Shogun. That is exactly what I am looking for but will they fit an E38 because the part on real oem is for an E32?

12-23-2005, 09:14 PM
Or better add it to your profile, maybe even the year and month, because like in every model cycle also the E38 had a facelift.
These do not fit in E38, only in E32.

Do you have the L version?
If not L version, forget about it.
Just recently an Alpina B12 5.0 owner wanted to buy the spare tables I have. He came to my place where I have my cars.
First of all, the seat backs of the sports seat are different and the back sides of the front seats do not fit. Then we held the tables on it just to check if we could make some modifications.
That was like sitting in an airplane in the last row in economy class.
If it is not an L=longer version, forget it. No space at all.
I assume you do not want to buy the extra aircondition in the rear, the extra second alternator, the special footrests and all the other things the Highline has. That would be a big money action. You would have to make new AC lines from the engine room to the rear to connect these lines to the second IHKA unit in the rear.
Still I do not know which E38 you mean, which year, which version (standard or L), facelift or before facelift model etc, if you have the second alternator or not.
So you have to check by your own. Use the realoem, select an E38, but then select European version instead of US version, and then go to the tables, seats.

Good Luck

Boost Infection
12-23-2005, 09:34 PM
Thanks again and sorry for the loose info. I have an 1998 740il. I wanted that extra luxury for the rear passengers. I checked real oem but they have nothing for that model and year. I really need to do this mod it will look very good for when I go to the shows

12-24-2005, 07:51 AM
I think best is to search or ask on bimmerboard E38 section, they know for sure.
Maybe there is something available from the aftermarket.