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12-08-2005, 02:12 AM
Just in case you want to DIY, here is the list:

VEHICLE RAISED ON HOIST:- Engine at operating Temperature

Remove Engine shield
Drain engine oil and replace oil filter and sump plug washer
Check transmission for leaks including coolant line of final drive
Drain Automatic Transmission oil (except 5hp30)
Refill automatic transmition (transmissions without dipstick only)
Change manual transmission oil all models (except E36[M40,M42,M50]E34[M40,M50,M60]and E31[M70] engines which are to be changed every second inspII service)
Replace rear axle oil (E38 Every 2nd inspection II)
Replace oil in transfer box and front axle final drive (4WD)
Check clutch driven plate for wear, every 2nd Inspection II
Renew main fuel filter: Petrol engines every 2nd Inspection II
Check P.A.S system for leaks
Chack radiator bottom hose for leaks
Check driveshaft gaiters for leaks
Check Steering for freedom from play
Check condition of track rod and front axle ball joints
Check steering box for leaks, check UJs couplings and flexible gaiters
Check all connections and lines on braking system for leaks, damage and correct position including handbrake cables and bleed nipple covers
Check Fuel pipes, tank and connections for leaks, damage and position
Check condition, position and mounting of exhaust system
Inspect underside of body for corrosion/underseal damage etc (every 2 years except E30)
Refit engine shield

Remove road wheels
Remove brake pads/linings, clean and check for wear
Check wheel cylinders and dust seals for leaks
Check brake disc/drum surface
Check handbrake lever travel, movement of handbrake cables and adjustment
Check on rear disc brake models, handbrake lining wear
Grease wheel centring spigots for alloy wheels
Check shock absorbers for leaks
Check torque of wheel air deflector E34/M5 1st inspection II only
Refit road wheels
Check condition of tyres if uneven wear recommend wheel alignment check

Inspect bodywork for corrosion, stone chips, damage or contamination (every 2 years except E30)
Check fluid level concentration of screen wash reservoir
Refill engine oil
Refill automatic transmission oil
Remove spark plugs
Check and adjust valve clearences. Replace rocker cover gasket
Renew spark plugs
Lubricate door mechanism hinges
Replace Micro-filter and active carbon filter (if applicable) in heating/air con system
Replace air recirculation filter: Every 2nd inspection II (if applicable)
E31 only: Clean intake-air seperator in front of intake air silencer
Renew air intake filter
Check P.A.S hose clips for tightness & P.A.S fluid level
Check brake system connections including ABS for tightness and positioning
Lubricate throttle linkages and gate mechanisms on Carburettor models
Check clutch hose connections for tightness and positioning
Check clutch fluid level
Check brake fluid level (renew fluid every 2 years, 750i annually)
Check battery acid level
Carry out battery condition check, use battery test report
Check condition/tightness coolant hoses
Check tension/condition of all V belts (except M70 engine)
Replace all V belts E34/M5 only (S38 engine)
Check coolant level and consentration (renew every 3 years)(M3/M5 every 2 years)
Self levelling suspension: check fluid level
Check spare wheel condition
Check wheel stud torque and tyre pressures
Check intensive cleaner level
Check correct operation of lambda probe
Replace fire extinguisher cartridge annually
E36 M3 only: Renew throttle valve potentiometer

Replace toothed cambelt M20 & M40 engines

Cars with distributor; check the dwell angle and adjust ignition timing if necessary
Call up information on defects stored in diagnosis system
Check EML safety path circuit
Check idle speed except on vehicles with idle speed control
Check CO reading (except catalyst version)


Side lights
Dipped beam
Main beam
Headlight flasher
Foglights/Driving lights
Indicators and side repeaters
Hazard warning flashers
Parking lights
Check beam settings

Side lights
Number plate light
Brake lights
Reversing lights
Fog lights
Hazard warning flashers
Boot interior lamp

Interior and reading lights
Ashtray lights
Glovebox light
Panel lights including dimmer
Clock light
Switches and heater control lighting
Check all warning lights including Active check control
Check operation of heater/vent controls and blower
Check operation of door mirrors
Check horn all segments
Check operation of sunroof
Check operation of convertable roof. (Mmmmm)
Check condition, operation of seat belts
Check wipers, blades, jet aim on windscreen and headlight washer systems
Check engine compartment light
Check door, bonnet & boot locks and striker plates adjustment and lubrication

Check engine operation
Check clutch operation
Check transmission operation including EH gearbox
Check steering operation
Check steering wheel alignment
Check foot brake operation
Check handbrake balance-on cars fitted with rear discs: bed in handbrake
Check wheel balance
Check propshaft balance
Check speedometer operation
Check distance and trip recorder operation
Check engine revolution counter operation
Check temperature gauge operation
Check fuel gauge operation
Check fuel consumption gauge operation
Check heater/air conditioning operation
Check on-board computer operation including head-up display
Check for wind noise, rattles etc

Check ATF level
Activate Service interval indicator
Ensure handbook service record is completed


Bimmer Nut Ed
12-08-2005, 07:00 PM
Now that's a heluva "honey do" list.

12-08-2005, 07:08 PM
Printed off, time to start I guess :P