View Full Version : German Auto Works - Rockville MD

12-06-2005, 02:51 PM
Dennis Burke is the owner of this shop, a great honest guy with a real attention to detail. I was referred to him by a client when I owned my E36 325i and now I use him with my newly purchased E34 525i.

When I first bought the car I had him do the initial inspection 2 and whatever other touchups he saw fit. He went ahead and painted the wheel caps, replaced the plastic covers on the reflctors, glued up the headliner and about 10 or 15 other things that I didnt ask him to do. The total to me was like $100 but it was 100% worth it to have someone checking the things that I might have missed with the car.

535 C-2 Southlawn Ln
Rockville MD 20850