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07-21-2005, 01:35 AM
Someone please help me.I have a 1994 BMW 740il. Recently I have received an trans program error message what does this mean? It causes my car to drive in a low gear mode.What could be the problem ?

07-21-2005, 02:35 AM
that comes as a safety measure when something is wrong. The system goes into emergency mode.
It must not absolutely be the transmission or the module of the trans, but it can also be the trans.
Some simple questions first:
Have you checked the battery and the charging voltage? If that is too low, the system reacts very sensitive and it goes into limpmode. If the system is abt. 90 seconds below 11..6V: limpmode
Do you see the gear selection indicated in the dash? If not, the gear selector switch under the console near the handle for the trans might need cleaning, in such case the system does not know which gear is selected.
Also the ABS system might be defective causing this.

The easiest is you visit a dealer or a ship with a code reader system which can make a diagnosis. He just will plug the connector into your diagnosis socket under the hood and it will read the faults.
Or do a stomp test and see what you can find. Stomp test is only possible on cars produced according to US specifications.
If you do not know the stomp test, click on my website below where it is described.
You might also try a reset as shown on my website.
But first of all check battery and charging voltage and the other things mentioned above.
Let us know the result and then we will try to figure out the next step.

08-21-2005, 07:11 PM
hi, can you please help me with trans prog message error, and do u know any site where i can get a scanned copy on the net of bentley bmw 5 series manual on the net for free for 1991 model . thanx anyways. ciao

08-21-2005, 07:59 PM
As for the trans message error, see my posting before/above.
Have no idea where you could download a scanned copy of the B.
I have a original paper manual, and it is worth the money.

at www.bavauto.com they offer is quite reasonable for that many pages. And I would like to have the book at hand when I work on the car:

Are you absolutely, positively sure?...Check the Bentley manual first! Every Bentley manual is a comprehensive source of service information and technical specifications. Each edition includes complete repair and preventive maintenance procedures to help you prolong the life and value of your BMW. These manuals are easy to read with excellent photographs and technical illustrations, making even the most complicated repair understandable. A must-have for every BMW owner, from rookie do-it-yourselfers to dedicated gearheads. Use it once and it'll pay for itself! Softbound. Covers 5 Series 89 thru 95. Softbound - 672 pages.

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B595 Bentley Repair Manual - 5 Series 89 thru 95 - E34 chassis