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07-19-2005, 01:24 PM
I have been trying to find as much info as I can about these cars, but everything I find is in a diffrent language. I love how they are a bigger version of the E34, but with a amazing interior. If anybody has some good links with good info on highlines, I would really appreicate that, also what is the going price for them, praticulary 89-90. I will be going to Greece soon, with a layover in germany, and if they arnt to much money I might look into importing one to Canada(must be at lease 15 years old).



07-19-2005, 09:42 PM
with 130K km on the clock only. Bought it in Japan where I live.
Actually there were only about <5000 Highline sold, never to the US as far as I know.
Ofiicially "Highline" do not exist, it is just an option package which was sold.
In 1994 the extra price for the Highline package was about 20.000 Deutsch Mark. That would be around 12-15.000 US $ nowadays.
In Germany the cheapest ones you might get for around 3.000 EURO, but I would not recommend them. A better one will cost at least 5000 EURO. But all of them -with a few exceptions- will have more than 200.000 km already.
Watch den E32 forum on the German www.7er.com
Whenever there is a Highline for sale, for sure they will show a link and comment to it. Often they know the previous owner.
I have been hunting probably the best Highline I have ever seen for about 2 years. It has now only 18.000 km and has showroom condition. Just for sale again in Japan for about 13.000 EURO
More pics of this car are on Johan and Sean's page under gallery.
Here is the link I started in 2003 when I found the car
Unfortunately many pics are gone already.
More pics from a Highline made by BMW Individual
My Highline
And this 750iL I also bought as parts car to restore the Highline

Note: the Highline is a 4 seater only, as it has the big aircon center console in the back. It has 2 separate aircons, 2 batteries, 2 ...
EDC is also expensive if it has to be replaced. 1 shock costs about 600 EURO at least. In addition it has LAD, so all the goodies which cost a hell of money when they are to be replaced.