View Full Version : Instrument Panel locking-up

04-18-2005, 09:22 PM
My 735/88's instrument panel locking up from intermittently, i.e. only the speedo works, but none of the other instruments (often the fuel, temp, rev and fuel consunption meter will lock-up in mid to low ranges) I have to switch off the ignition, wait for a while and start again. I seem to be more successful (perception?) if I start the car quickly, meaning, not to stop at the accessory only position - straight to crank.
The other related? problems:
The temp sensor often shows -37'o cel. usually happens if I use the horn or something like it.
The low beam does not come on straight away, (no problem with any other lights), it come on after a while though.
All the above problems are getting more frequent.
Any help will be appreciated.

04-18-2005, 09:38 PM
dash cluster lights prob could be the infamous capacitor problem. But can be easily solved

Temp sensor -37 means that it is out of order. Either the sensor itself or the connection there.

Low beam problem: start your soldering machine. Common problem. Go to my page and then click on e32fixes.com and look for LKM and mustard relay fix/soldering
It is also described on Bruno's page e34.net, see link on my website.