View Full Version : M60 3L rough idle , white smoke at start ,and more problems

Brent in NZ hartge 535i
04-07-2005, 06:10 AM
hi just wondering if anyone can shed some light on a few problems i am having with a 1992 E32 730i V8 M60 3litre engine . brought this car with problems .
first it smokes (white and lingers on for a while) when started at cold .
has a rough idle , revs out ok , drives fine .
pink coloured oil in radiator resevior .
enigine oil is going sleightly brown .
have been looking at it today , cleaned idle control valve(was stuck)
done a compression test , got on a coldish engine 165psi on 5 cylinders and 180psi on 3 cylinders all came up pretty quick . sleightly oily spark plugs (not dry and dusty).
at the moment i am trying to get the PCV valve off the back of the inlet manifold , but i striped some of the torque screws ( so i will have to take the manifold off) anyone done this . the bently says just undo the screws , disconect the coils and lift the manifold off , is this true , looks a bit more complex than that . can you leave the main wiring harness and fuel lines attached and is there enough movement to get at the back of the manifold to remove the PCV .
some mecanic says the main radiator could be internally leaking oil and trans fluid into the coolant system etc .
or is it just a blown head gasget . (car doesn't over heat )
also noticed just today when driving it in my drive way that had to bring the revs up a little bit B4 the car moved (maybe coolant in trans) didn't notice this when i first drove it 2 weeks ago .
any help would be appreciated .

1988 E34 535i hartge 186000miles.grey with black leather recaros
1990 E34 535iA 140000km soon to be hartge .black with black leather
1986 e28 535iA 177000kmwifes car .green with cloth electric
1986 e28 M535i 465000km .silver with black leather recaros
1989 E32 735iLA 239000km engine cooked.light grey , black leather
1992 E32 730iA V8 186000km .light grey ,black leather

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04-07-2005, 08:26 AM
the pcv plate and all of the intake gaskets should take care of it, don't forget the gasket on the front behind the throttle body as they crack on the bottom. disconnect the computer for a minute or so to let it reset so you get a fresh start, i pull the intake with all of the wiring and fuel system atached. it's possible that the tranny cooler is leaking into the coolent, that's not usually a good thing for the tranny to get water in it, i am not sure about that unit but i know the glue that holds the friction material to the discs on a older 4hp22 is water soluable, some trannys can handle it and some can't, if nothing else it's a bitch to get the nasty pink goo out of a tranny that has gotten wet

Brent in NZ hartge 535i
04-08-2005, 11:07 PM
thanks for that . sorted it out yesterday . i fitted new pcv and changed radiator and all the fluids . (what a mess oil and water mixed) .
seams to run ok . no smoke ,smooth idle , and trans is ok i think ( might get it professionally cleaned out though)