View Full Version : new to boards need help on upgrade

03-23-2005, 05:16 PM
let me start by say hi to all that drop in you all can call me dan proud owner of a 91 bmw 735il my baby je je. now to the upgrade has anyone done any up grade on there 735il i am in the middle of
upgradeing to engel eyes projector headlights almost done beside two
thing one cable harness not long why ? battery in the back but no
biggie that can be fix easy but one thing there a plug
that in the manule say its go's to the position light of the car
harness anyone know were this is ? note keep in mind that i am
looking for other end of the plug were i have to plug the other end
from my new harness that came with the lights any input would be
better than none so bring it on people thank you aka dan

NOTE:were can this plug be located on the front of car left side or rightside?

03-24-2005, 08:37 AM
Battery is in the back, yes. But there is a plus contact pole under the hood.
Check for angel eyes under the 5 series board. Many comments and instructions. E34 is the same as the E32.

03-24-2005, 11:30 PM
hi there shogun thanks for the info
aka dan