View Full Version : XM satellite radio receiver installation in a '92 BMW 750iL

03-03-2005, 12:20 AM
nice new installation instructions from David Cecil.

click here (http://www.bimmerboard.com/forums/posts/57899)

03-03-2005, 09:26 PM
Nice look. Except, never get power by wrapping wires around fuses like that. That is a poor technique.They will either pop out or just overexpand the gap and the fuse will then sit loosely in position and might not make an electrical connection. Plus, if you tap the wrong side of the fuse there is no protection--just some nice arc welding in your engine compartment if something goes wrong. ;) Not good.
There are plenty of power sources in the dash that could be tapped without issues or you could even go behind the key. Testing with a multimeter (away from the airbag harnesses!) is easy. Heck, if you don't want to test, the fused radio wire coming off of the back of the fuse box could be tapped and you could still use the "radio" fuse properly. The best way is to strip the wire without cutting through, solder the new wire in, and finish with electrical tape or even shrink wrap. Those "Scotch locks" are OK, but usually vibrate loose. I suppose you could cut the wire and use crimp-on wire connectors if soldering is not for you. Tape them up anyway.
To ensure no engine noise or whine, I would also avoid a new grounding point up front. Try to ground the new unit with the factory dash unit, or even better, the stock amplifier--even if this means running a ground back to a mounting screw on the stock amp. Low-level "RCA" jacks should be run on the opposite sill from any power wires, as well. JMO. I was a pro installer when I was younger, so I get a little critical. There is some other small stuff, but you know. A very nice hidden or "stealth" install, however.