View Full Version : Recommended Bimmer Repair Facilities

  1. Sierra Performance, Grass Valley CA
  2. da place i work at in baton rouge LA
  3. Wellington New Zealand
  4. Houston Texas Shops
  5. New Hampshire
  6. Tampa/Clearwater/St Pete FL
  7. San Francisco Independent shop.
  8. Great Shop in Pasadena, CA
  9. Brake Caliper Rebuild Shop - Mailorder
  10. Martin Motorsports in Alexandria Virginia
  11. MB Auto Inc - Rosemead CA
  12. Tampa Chevron, Northridge California
  13. Western NC
  14. BMWise in Sydney
  15. Toronto (and surrounding area), Ontario
  16. Western Connecticut
  17. Raleigh, NC Area - Shadetree Garage
  18. Bee emms in Sydney Australia
  19. Wisconsin?
  20. Motorsports of Lexington, Kentucky
  21. Montreal : BM Service Exclusif (BM Exclusive Service)
  22. Southern Mississippi: Kohl Motors
  23. German Auto Works - Rockville MD
  24. Bayer Motor Works--Chandler, AZ
  25. World Class Car Care-Indianapolis, IN
  26. Shire Clutch and Brake, Sydney
  27. Martin Motorsports in Alexandria Virginia
  28. GoldLine Brakes - Seattle Mail-order
  29. Oz Race Engines
  30. Great shop in Cypress, CA.
  31. Michigan - autometrics- for body work
  32. Stuttgart Motors in Lexington, KY
  33. stashu's-orlando (north) florida
  34. Miami, FL Good BMW Shop ?
  35. REPAIR SHOPS??? Tampa, FL
  36. German Motor Works in Knoxville, TN
  37. Nashville
  38. Worcester MA
  39. Repair shop in Michigan
  40. Central Virginia- Charlottesville
  41. Eric Brown Motors Goulburn OZ is A1
  42. Nixon Automotive in Vancouver, BC
  43. Helmut's Auto In Bremerton WA
  44. Kauth and Maeyer
  45. BMW shop near Oak Brook, IL
  46. Europcar indy shop in Northern New Jersey
  47. Any shop recs for Philadelphia area?
  48. Columbus, OH repairs ?
  49. Autotechnics New Milford, CT
  50. BMW Repair Shop in Northern AZ
  51. Western North Carolina
  52. Central NJ Repair facility
  53. Post you classifieds in the OT forum
  54. Rolfe Classic BMW-Canberra OZ
  55. Need Chicago area shop ASAP!
  56. Kailua-Kona, Big Island, Hawaii
  57. Southern Sydney, Australia. Recommendations?
  58. Tranny swap in New York
  59. Indie shop in Jacksonville, FL
  60. Found a good shop in coastal SC
  61. da best shop gta east (toronro Canada) Auto Bahn East!!!
  62. Tyrolsport - Ridgewood (Queens), NYC
  63. Wheel Alignments Plus (Alignment and Tire shop) - Port Chester, NY
  64. BM Workshop Botany Manukau N.Z
  65. Wallingford, CT area recommendations?
  66. Paint & Body Shop in South Florida
  67. NE Ohio area Moroun's Motors
  68. Sacramento
  69. Where to buy paint in Montreal
  70. Local socal bmw service shop recommendations
  71. Australian 'backyard BMW specialists'
  72. San Diego/El Cajon Indy Shop?
  73. Recommended bimmer repair facilities wisconsin upper michigan
  74. Fairborn Automotive Repai
  75. Car service in UK //if ever required//
  76. AVOID ManTrans in Florida